Michael, Orlando, FL

I recently purchased a new 20’ flats boat with a large 250HP 4 stroke outboard motor and ever since day one I’ve had issues with boat bounce/ porpoising. This is a very nice boat and the rigging and testing was methodically completed by the manufacturer, but my particular set up was somewhat unique and had not been built with this particular outboard on this particular boat.  I do have trim tabs on the boat, but it’s a bit cumbersome having to adjust regularly depending on desired speed and using the tabs can hurt your gas mileage

After many attempts to move batteries around, try different props., and a few other adjustments to try to eliminate the porpoising I reluctantly started looking at hydrofoils. After much research and looking at many different brands I found the Hydroplaner product to be the simplest, most durable, and competitively priced. After a helpful phone call to Hydroplaner to as a few questions, I ordered and now having installed I’ve found that the Hydroplaner has eliminated the porpoising, improved my hole shot, and DID NOT com- promise my top end speed at all. I’m very satisfied with this product and would recommend to anyone no matter if there is an issue or not.

One of the best Hydrofoils! Looks great, very simple and durable design, improved hole shot, eliminate porpoising, DOES NOT reduce top end, and a good price

Thomas, Anaheim, CA

These make a huge difference. Love the way they look. Thanks for everything.