Hydroplaner’s Hydrofoil Stabilizer

Hydrofoil - Improve stability while eliminating proposing and chine walking. Made in USA.Hydroplaner’s Hydrofoil design improves stability and performance by eliminating chine walking, proposing, cavitations, and ventilation.  In addition, it gets the boat on plane in less than half the time it normally takes!  With the ability to plane faster, for full forward vision, the Hydroplaner hydrofoil outboard motor fins improves the ability of skiers, wake boarders and tubers to get out of the water quicker.

With a Hydroplaner outboard stabilizer you will find yourself enjoying a
more comfortable ride with minimal bow rise.  It also eliminates the need of more expensive trim tabs and allows the driver to control the orientation of the boat by simply adjusting the trim on the engine.  All these benefits collectively result in increased fuel economy throughout the throttle’s range.

All Hydroplaner stabilizers are made of stainless steel and designed to cut through the water with minimal drag.  Not only will the Hydrofoil stabilizer improve the performance of your boat but also provides an impressive and aggressive look to your engine.

All boats with an outboard or stern drive will find significantly improved performance and stability with a Hydrofoil stabilizer. That includes fishing boats, runabouts, ski boats, aluminum boats, high performance boats, cruisers, pontoon and inflatable boats.

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